Website Valuations – What Most Buyers Miss in Valuing a Deal

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Fueling Business Growth

This Session of “Fueling Your Business Growth Live” is Called: Website Valuations – What Most Buyers Miss in Valuing a Deal. In the video I interview Jock Purtle of Digital Exits.

Here are more details about the video, which was originally broadcast as a Google Hangout…

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Website Valuations and Buying Websites

If you’re a website owner or investor looking to purchase websites you don’t want to miss this hangout with Jock Purtle from Digital Exits – Website Broker from Australia.

We’ll discuss what most website sellers and buyers miss in valuing a deal and how to best create website valuations.

In addition you’ll discover what markets are hot right now, which types of websites are selling for the highest multiples and much more.

It’s an event that anyone interested in buying a website or selling a website can’t afford to miss. Or if you’re just interested in knowing what your website may be worth join us.



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