SEO in 2014

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SEo in 2014

Search Engine Optimization 2014 In this session of Fueling Your Business Growth, I interviewed a good friend of mine, Tom Browne. Tom is an online entrepreneur and website owner. He has been marketing websites online successfully for the last 13 years and has some great insight on what is working in 2014 when it comes to SEO. In addition, he … Read More

Four Free Marketing Strategies

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Four Free Marketing Strategies that Built a Multi-Million Dollar Company Building a multi-million dollar business from free marketing does work. I discovered four very effective free strategies almost by accident. It all started with my daily checklist. I sat down the third Monday of June 2002 to figure out how the business could drive up sales. I was writing out … Read More

Flipping Websites 101

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The term “flipping” describes a fast investment strategy. In some cases, it can net fairly large profits. The idea is basically that the investor purchases a property of some kind, makes some improvements and then sells it to net a profit. In the world of websites, it’s a bit different than the world of real estate. Real estate, has a … Read More

Hosting for Website Flippers

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If you’re getting into the business of flipping websites, you need to make sure that you have adequate server space to accommodate all of your acquisitions. Most often, this will mean purchasing a dedicated server, which is pretty complicated to run and which requires a bit of programming skill to understand. You may be able to get by with a … Read More

Small Business Lending Experts Are Clueless

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Recent news in small business lending: • CIT Small Business Lending the #1 lender in 2008 with $771,391,550 in loans filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy • Advanta Credit Card company has filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy • JPMorgan Chase to add $4 billion in small business loans • Bank of America extends nearly $78 billion in small business credit in 3rd quarter … Read More

5 Steps to Economic Recovery

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The economy is the worst it’s been in years, according to the media. They have been telling us for a year now about how bad things are and how no one predicated this. Some experts think we have turned the corner and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Others are saying we haven’t seen the worst … Read More

Need Financing for Your Business?

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I recently read that 87.5% of small businesses plan to seek financing in the coming year. There’s been so much press on how tight small business lending has become, is it really possible for a small business to get a bank to back it? The answer is a resounding YES. The rules have changed a lot in the last 18 … Read More

Lowering the Risk of Starting a Business

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I recently received an email from a staff writer at a national business magazine asking for response to one of their readers questions. The reader stated that they had lost their job, been unemployed for the last six months and is now looking at setting up his own business. He wanted to know if it was a good idea to … Read More

Getting Investor Money

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There are five types of potential investors in a business, Founders, Family, Friends, Fools and Experts. Founders are the individuals who start the company and may have some experience as an investor in a business but most of the time founders are new to getting a business started. A traditional source of funds for many start-up entrepreneurs is Family, Friends … Read More

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

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When do you need to put a business plan together for your company? I was sitting around a table with several very successful business owners over the weekend and one of them asked: “Where can I get a business plan written with a professional writer. I’m setting up a new company soon and would like to get one done.” Of … Read More