Google Plus Hangouts Introduction

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Google Plus Hangouts – Getting Started

Watch the video and read the full article listed below with detailed instructions on Google+ Hangouts and Hangouts on Air.

Tips on Using Google Plus Hangouts for the First Time

Google Plus Hangouts is a platform for instant messaging and free video-chat introduced by Google. There are several advantages of using Google hangouts. This tool is the easiest alternative to costly webinar solutions.  If you are new to Google Plus, this article will help you understand how to use Google Plus Hangouts for the first time.

There are two types of Google Hangouts: First, you can run a basic hangout with up to 10 people at one time. (15 with a Google Apps paid account). Each of you will be seen in the hangout with your camera, if you want the camera to be on. You can also join by phone instead of a camera.

Second, you can run a Google Hangout On Air. The on air feature lets you run a live webinar with up to 10 speakers(presenters) at one time. (15 with the paid account) Each presenter will be seen via their camera and / or by joining on the phone. In addition, you can have as many people watching the hangout on air at the same time as you want but only 100 at one time are allowed in the chat feature.

Another great feature of the hangout on air is the ease of recording the hangout and having it posted directly to youtube when the hangout is over.

If somebody sends you a Google Plus invite and you have yet to install it, all you need to do is join the call. Once you launch a Hangout by joining the call, you will be asked to install plugin. As soon as the file gets installed, open the file, double click it and follow the instructions of installing it. Next, you will be asked to provide your computer’s personal password.  Once the application gets installed successfully, you can go live and also broadcast live discussions to the world.

The next step is to check your Google Plus Settings. If your Google Plus Hangout does not detect your webcam, make sure that it is plugged in to your computer properly and also ensure that it is not being used by any other programs that are running in your computer currently.

Next click on the other two drop-down choices- one for microphone and the other for sound. Change the settings from Default to built in speakers/microphone. In case you are using a microphone or headphone, make sure you change your settings accordingly. Now save the settings and check if it is working.

Once you initiate a Hangout with a person who does not have a Google account, an invitation is sent to their gmail id requesting them to join Google Hangouts. You can add or invite people to Google Hangout in two ways—

1. Find out the person by typing his/her name on your Hangouts list.

2. Type the email id or phone number of the person on Google Plus circle.

If you want to invite friends on a group hangout, all you need to do is check the box situated beside the name of your friends and click the chat icon to send an instant message. If you want to do a video call, click on the video icon.

Google Plus Hangout also enables you to turn off your camera and microphone by changing the settings. If you take a look at the left side of your Hangout page, you will see a list of icons such as…

Screenshare: It helps you choose the screen you wish to display for the attendees to see.

Capture: The capture icon allows you to capture the image of the page.

The Hangout Toolbar: It helps you add a description of your identity beneath your profile picture. This toolbar also has a volume control icon that allows you to adjust the volume. It also has a comment tracker icon that helps you track comments from various sources such as Google Plus, YouTube,as well as Twitter.

Recent Apps: This feature helps you choose and add various useful apps. If your G+ Hangout page doesn’t have a toolbox, just click on “add apps” and you can search and download the toolbox from the list. You can also add YouTube to your hangout from this toolbar and share YouTube videos with your friends while chatting.

Google Drive: This toolbar helps you share different files stored in Google drive.

These are the basic factors that you should be familiar with, in order to use Google Plus Hangout. Google Hangout is not only a great way to catch up with your friends, but it is equally beneficial for your business.

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