Ads Are Following Me from Site to Site

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After starting a new business, I thought about forming an LLC or Incorporating. So I visited an incorporation website. After spending some time on the site doing some research on prices, I decided to wait and look around further. I did a few searches and eventually got distracted looking at sports sites to see who won the last golf tournament … Read More

The New Rules of Getting a Business Loan

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Getting a business loan in today’s economic climate is a bit like preparing to climb Mt. Whitney. Before you start, are you in good physical (and fiscal) shape? Have you thought of everything you’ll need to make your journey problem-free, as in no surprises and no hidden credit traps? FICO Inc. recently reported that in April 2010, some 25.5 percent … Read More

Tapping 401K Funds to Start Your Business? Here’s What You Need to Know

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With small-business loans at a premium in our still-struggling economy, many entrepreneurs have begun tapping into their 401(k) retirement funds to help finance business startups—or, in some cases, to finance growth for their existing businesses. If you’re considering either option, you should know that the Internal Revenue Service is taking notice of the trend and is more closely scrutinizing the … Read More