Buying Websites – Best Return Yet

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Buying websites has been so much more lucrative than stock picking. I’ve never been very good at picking the right stocks to make a profit. Remember when the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas opened in 1996, and they offered shares to the public? I was one of the suckers to buy a lot of shares only to see it go bankrupt less than a year later.

Flipping Websites 101

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The term “flipping” describes a fast investment strategy. In some cases, it can net fairly large profits. The idea is basically that the investor purchases a property of some kind, makes some improvements and then sells it to net a profit. In the world of websites, it’s a bit different than the world of real estate. Real estate, has a … Read More

Buying and Selling Websites

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Have you thought about joining the community of entrepreneurs making hundreds of thousands and in some cases millions of dollars each year – buying and selling websites? Are you looking for steps to help you take the leap into a new experience that could change your lifestyle for ever? I created my first web site in the summer of 2000. … Read More

Hosting for Website Flippers

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If you’re getting into the business of flipping websites, you need to make sure that you have adequate server space to accommodate all of your acquisitions. Most often, this will mean purchasing a dedicated server, which is pretty complicated to run and which requires a bit of programming skill to understand. You may be able to get by with a … Read More