Four Free Marketing Strategies

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Four Free Marketing Strategies that Built a Multi-Million Dollar Company Building a multi-million dollar business from free marketing does work. I discovered four very effective free strategies almost by accident. It all started with my daily checklist. I sat down the third Monday of June 2002 to figure out how the business could drive up sales. I was writing out … Read More


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The three areas of focus for David when he writes, mentors and presents at events are: Small Business Financing and Credit Learn more about financial planning, financing and credit at David’s blog “Financial Planning“. Website Acquisitions – Buying and Selling Websites Learn more about Buying and Selling Websites and website flipping at David’s other websites and blogs which are co-owned … Read More


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Hire David to Speak at Your Next Event Presentation Subjects: David presents motivational and educational content, all based on personal experiences as an entrepreneur.  His key presentations which range from 60 minute keynotes to 2 day workshops include: Website Valuations Buying and Selling Websites Flipping Websites as a Business Small Business Financing Small Business Start-Ups The Ideal Audience: Aspiring entrepreneurs … Read More

An Entrepreneur’s Communication Skills

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Once my wife and I made the decision together that we were going to move forward with starting my own business, the next step was to figure out how that was going to actually work.  After all, we just had our first child who was less than six months old, just moved in to a brand new home with a … Read More

How to Build Backlinks on Your Site

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Too many SEO efforts concentrate on getting a site noticed and spend too little time actually making that site useful. A good set of links on your site can actually make it more interesting to search engines and can help your SEO. Backlinks to other sites, which are placed by other site owners, also enable you to network and to … Read More

What is an E-Family?

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It’s my approach to raising a family as an entrepreneur. The lessons I’ve learned after 16 years of marriage and raising three daughters. Entrepreneurs need to spend time educating their family on why they are the why they are, why they spend the time they do on their business, what makes them happy, what makes them mad and to teach … Read More

The Five C’s of Lending

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The economy goes through cycles; the financial markets go up and down, and the lending environment vacillates between risky and aggressive loan approvals to conservative and questionable loan denials.  Lending and market conditions change; they are rarely stagnant.   And yet, a loan denial for an applicant that seems qualified leaves one wondering why.  Further, how are loans approved for applicants … Read More