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Sales & Marketing Leadership

Leadership skills, tools, and resources for sales and marketing professionals.


Service Leadership

Leadership resources for service teams and service based organizations.

Management Leadership

All managers need leadership skills and resources to help guide them in managing a team to success.

Family Leadership

Leadership tools and resources for parents and families.

My Life Purpose

To Be a Positive Influence On Others and
Inspire Them to Achieve Success!

David Gass

The David Gass ‘Leadership Blog’ is for parents, entrepreneurs, managers, and anyone looking to improve their leadership skills and productivity. My focus is on sales, marketing, management and family leadership.

Looking for a reason to read my leadership blog?  Here’s a little background on myself, David Gass.

  • Had four business start-up failures
  • Had three investment failures as an angel investor
  • Successfully launched a business to mid-seven figures in annual revenue within 3 years
  • My companies have been listed on the fastest growing companies in the United States list 3 years in a row
  • Awarded the 2006 Las Vegas Business Press “Rising Star of Business”
  • Awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from Nevada DECA for philanthropic work
  • My wife of 20+ years and I are proud parents of three beautiful daughters
  • Successfully exited three companies with total value of the exits over $5,000,000
  • Spent the last 20+ years managing and leading teams to achieve more than they thought before we started
  • Owned businesses with 50+ employees
  • Owned a business with just me as the sole-employee
  • CEO of a law and accounting firm with 100+ employees
  • Written 12 books over 15 years – the next book on leadership is coming out in 2018
  • Acquired and sold several online businesses (websites)

The lessons learned, tools found, and systems created over the course of my life journey are all part of the leadership blog that you will find here.

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